CUC15 Session Spotlight: Digital initiatives, collaboration, and Cascade Server

By Kat Liendgens — Thursday, August 6th, 2015 at 9:00am

CUC presentation

We’re getting increasingly excited about our upcoming Cascade User Conference, especially since it will be our 10th one. It’s always such a fantastic experience to spend face to face time with our customers and partners and to see some of the powerful and creative ways in which they’re using our products to better their organizations. This year we have three tracks that are jam-packed with sessions. Today, we’d like to highlight some of the presentations that focus on building a collaborative content management environment across departments and putting processes in place to ensure that project deadlines are met and excellent customer services is delivered - while keeping everybody sane.

User Satisfaction Survey and how we used the results

Presenter Judy Steward of the University of Western Ontario gave her presentation the following title: “Hey Jude, don’t make it bad, take a sad song and make it better: Balancing the demands of our user base and the workload of our web support group”. Over the past six years, UWO has grown its Cascade Server user base to more than 1,500. Due to such rapid growth, it became challenging for the user base and the web support team to maintain the same level of familiarity with each other as before. In order to address the challenge, the University implemented a new survey tool to provide an opportunity to for the web support team to receive client feedback on the Cascade support model. Judy will discuss the lessons learned from the survey and how the results impacted decisions with regard to UWO’s support and training models.

You complete me  - Combining efforts and expertise to provide better service and leadership in digital initiatives

At Emory University, responsibility for digital initiatives was fractured between I.T., Communications, external vendors and lone developers in departments. Rachelle Willoughby, John Mills, and Bryce Roberts will show you how in one bold move, Emory consolidated web development, content strategy, design and digital strategy into the Communications and Public Affairs division, putting an end to friendly but resource-draining competition, wasteful duplication, and policy loopholes. Now, digital initiative projects are chosen strategically, resourced appropriately, and delivered to specification on time and budget. Learn how Emory University’s Web Services Department and the Marketing and Communications Department transformed their processes for the better.

Adaptive Training – Beyond and After the Classroom or (How to Train your Dragons)

Just as websites change and get regularly updated, so does your training. In this session, James Dobravec will show how Western University provides adaptive training to over 1,500 Cascade Server users. Some of the topics discussed include mandatory training prior to getting access to the CMS, how to train users with various web backgrounds, site specific training, short training sessions, one on one specific training, and follow-up surveys.

Framing Your Teamwork – using Cascade to Ignite Collaboration

Expect this session to be more technical than the other ones highlighted here. Bryce Roberts and Saundra Barrett will discuss how Emory University managed to create a foundation for strong teamwork and collaboration with regard to their development practices. The key principles of the framework requirements are the centralization of development into one tool, Cascade Server, to provide structures that limit configuration, and to establish a maintainable and scalable, flexible, and robust code base. The presentation will cover the technologies used for the framework, including Velocity, LESS, Rhino, Java, and Hannon Hill’s Velocity tools to accomplish these goals and principles.

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