Employee Engagement Fosters Company Success

By Brianna Smith — Tuesday, February 24th, 2015 at 10:00am
Employee Engagement Fosters Company Success

Are you engaged in the work that you do? Are you filling your workday with joy, meaning and productivity? Employee engagement is a trending and hotly discussed topic. Throughout the workplace, everyone seems to have their own opinion of the influence it has on employee output and company success. Companies are investing time, appropriating resources, and expanding efforts to increase employee engagement. They’re attempting to create a dialogue through various means such as, team-building activities, company-wide meetings, employee surveys, and independent research, to better define the engagement barometer and its impact on their teams’ drive and delivery.  

At Hannon Hill, we pride ourselves on hiring the best talent and creating a workplace environment that is unmatched in its dedication to exploring ways to empower each employee to effectively contribute to our unique brand and product innovation. We believe that an engaged employee enhances our company’s culture, inspires creativity and productivity, and brings added value to our team. As we settle into the New Year and roll out our corporate strategies, I asked members of our team to reflect on the meaning of employee engagement and to define it in their own terms. The results sparked a great discussion, and we found that our definitions were actually quite similar.  

We defined an engaged employee as someone who…

1)  Takes Ownership

An employee who acts like an owner of the company will do more than just their job. They will consider the company’s best interests in every decision they make.

2)  Seeks Self-Improvement

Self-starters are rarely idle. They’re constantly looking for ways to improve and learn new skills. These employees will often encourage others to improve and help create a culture of continued learning.

3)  Delivers Solutions

B and C Players bring problems to the table, A Players bring solutions. It’s necessary to bring challenges to the attention of the team, but the next step is solving them.

4)  Supports the Team

An engaged employee will not only strive to be the best they can be, but they will support others in doing the same. Motivation and success are contagious.

5)  Exemplifies the Company Values

When you hire the right people, you can trust any one of them to represent the company. If you would not want someone to judge your company based on meeting a single employee, you need to evaluate why that is. While these conversations can be tough, ignoring them will be far worse in the long run

We encourage your teams to reflect on employee engagement. Feel free to add or subtract from our definition as it relates to your team. Let’s work together to become a more engaged workforce and incorporate these principles into our daily lifestyle.

How do you define employee engagement? What techniques have you used to measure employee engagement? How do you increase employee engagement?

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