Hannon Hill Goes to the Park - Community Service

Thursday, October 15th, 2015 at 2:00pm
.Team at Piedmont

Hannon Hill’s quarterly community service event has become a day we all look forward to - a day out of the office, a nice change of pace, and an opportunity to give back. Even knowing we were doing yard work was no exception.

Piedmont Park is undoubtedly an Atlanta landmark that continues to serve its city in countless ways. With 200,000+ people attending the Atlanta Pride festival just days after our service, the opportunity came at an invaluable time.

Midst the group’s mulching, the park representative swore our work wasn’t just for looks, explaining how truly beneficial it is to the trees and overall health of the park. The mulch we spread will protect tree roots, seal in moisture, and prevent erosion. But really, when a couple hundred thousand people may walk through, those trees need all the backup they can get.

 Team Mulching

Piedmont Park Conservancy, founded in 1989, manages more than 90% of the daily operations of the park in partnership with the City of Atlanta. Since its inception, their team of less than 10 employees has managed to turn a dilapidated forest into a living green space within the city. The conservancy has also expanded the park to nearly 200 acres, planted over 600 trees, restored the historic areas, and raised or invested more than $60 million for the park. Without the Conservancy, Piedmont Park would not be what it is today. Hannon Hill appreciates this group extensively!

Literally getting your hands dirty with 10 of your teammates is always an exciting learning experience, and we can’t thank the conversancy enough for having us. If you are interested in getting involved with the Conservancy please check out the information below and reach out!

Membership: Whether you run, bike, skate, picnic, or enjoy festivals at Piedmont Park, you are benefiting from the efforts of Piedmont Park Conservancy. But in order to maintain the striking improvements to Piedmont Park, they need your support. To learn more about membership levels, please click here.

Newsletter: If you’d like to learn more about the Piedmont Park Conservancy and how you can keep Piedmont Park growing, please sign up for their monthly newsletter. You can do so by sending an email to the Conservancy at info@piedmontpark.org.

Volunteering: Be a part of something big. If you are passionate about parks and urban wild places, volunteer at Atlanta’s premier greenspace! Volunteers are important members of the Piedmont Park community and critical to the success of our park and its programs. With just under 200 acres, there are many ways to lend a hand. Join a dynamic volunteer team that’s committed to conservation and keeping Piedmont growing! To learn more about our volunteer program, please click here.


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