Web Governance and Digital Strategy: A Killer Combo

By Christy Hill — Tuesday, January 27th, 2015 at 10:00am
Guest Blog By: Matt Herzberger - Principal Consultant / CEO of Aligned Path

Web Governance and Digital Strategy: A Killer Combo

Web governance and digital strategy are not quite as difficult at face value as people make them out to be.

To begin let’s break down some of the basics - let’s talk about digital strategy. Here is a scenario, have you ever been asked to create a digital strategy? It can strike fear into you and make you feel inadequate. You scramble to throw something together. You’ll likely turn to whatever listserv or digital channel you prefer to ask your colleagues questions and see their strategies - and there will be a swirl of people asking to also get a copy. But breath easy, Digital Strategy is simply a game plan for how to handle whatever demands your organization brings your way. It is a fluid and flexible plan that aligns with your institution’s business strategy. Note, I said YOUR institution; more than likely another school’s strategy won’t do a ton of good for you.

More than anything it should be a document that outlines how you will handle all your different channels, how you will prioritize requests, and how you will resource those requests. It’s a chance to really sit down and make an outline for how things should work. This document can be used to gather buy-in and set a roadmap that will then be adhered to. Sounds pretty great, right!? It is a chance to move from tactical to strategic. You no longer have to chase shiny objects. You have a mature framework through which to decide whether “new opportunities” are in harmony with your business strategy.

I know it sounds like I am laying out a pipe dream. You write a strategy document and everything is “well with the world”. Well that is where web governance enters. Web governance is a framework/organized committee, which oversees and evaluates things to assure that they are in-sync with your digital strategy. Governance makes sure things are enacted and resourced from an institutional level. So what does that mean? It helps enforce priority, find the funds to carry out necessary projects, and remove politically sensitive issues that are not a priority.

Most importantly, the governance framework is there to balance: the people, processes, policies, and tools to make sure there is alignment with your digital strategy. When you are able to synchronize your tactics with your business goals and your audience needs, you are unstoppable.

In the end, digital strategy and web governance is a one-two combo that will knock out anything standing in the path of a successful digital transformation.

If you want to learn more, I suggest you attend our upcoming webinar “Web Governance Crash Course: Creating a Sustainable Digital Transformation.”

Web Governance Crash Course: Creating a Sustainable Digital Transformation


When creating a digital strategy you have to define a path to reach your goals in a sustainable way, with collaboration and accountability from everyone. We’ve experienced the silos, the shrinking resources, the lack of defined processes, and the growing complexity. So how do we make it all work together? In this webinar we plan to cover:

  • Creation of a flexible and fluid digital strategy
  • Build towards empowering standards with interactive improvements
  • How to analyze your current state in relation to resources, buy-in, staffing, processes and goals

Sign up to attend: http://goo.gl/cNMCPI

About the Author

Matt Herzberger is the Principal Consultant / CEO of Aligned Path. Having worked at both large public and small private institutions, Matt understands the unique challenges that come with a university website. He has more than 13 years experience in digital strategy for higher education.

Aligned Path’s goal is simple: to help you navigate higher Ed web challenges.  We understand the issues facing higher education and the growing demands placed on Web teams. We’ve experienced the silos, the shrinking resources, the lack of defined processes, and the growing complexity. We get you on the path to a successful digital transformation.

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