Why Good Content is Good Design

Tuesday, February 17th, 2015 at 10:00am
 Why Good Content is Good Design

Quality content on your site really is the priority. Even if your design creates an aesthetically pleasing visitor journey, it won’t mean a thing without good writing to go along with it.

It’s About Your Audience

Effectively writing for your audience requires taking a few things into account. The content on your site needs to be tailored to the knowledge levels of your audience. It should show your extensive understanding of the services your organization provides, and how they serve the various types of users you cater to. It should also serve a purpose - What do you want to convey to your audience? What actions do you want them to take?

For example, in higher education, the content on a campus homepage will likely cater to prospective students, current students, alumni, and staff. This means the writing should be angled towards the various levels of knowledge each persona has of the services offered on campus, and which they’re interested in. It will also vary depending on which page within the site they’re on, and the stage of their intended visitor journey.

Landing Pages

We recently shared three easy tips on how to design better landing pages. The benefits of the landing page should be clearly stated in various places so that the value of filling out the form is felt by the site visitor almost instantly. “These are stories of current students’ positive experiences on our campus” or “Here are some successful alumni testimonials”, now aren’t you more motivated to fill out the form for enrollment information as a prospective student? Compelling writing will make or break a landing page.

It Can Still Be Fun

Writing styles found on your organization’s site can be creative while still being effective. As long as the fun factor doesn’t cross the line of becoming distracting, then the two can coexist without costing one another’s ultimate effectiveness. For example, a higher education website could have content that populates when a prospective student mouses over an icon representing upcoming concerts under campus events - maybe it reads, “Come dance while your friends jam!”. This snippet may entice the student to further consider attending the concert because it seems like it’ll legitimately be a good time. The writing is angled towards them, it feels personalized.

You can see how strong writing, targeted content, and good design must work hand in hand to create the best overall site, and why the best marketing efforts keep those aspects in mind when targeting their given audience.

What tricks do you use to write better content? How have you used good content and design to create better user experiences?

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