Cascade 8.1 is Here!

By Bradley Wagner — Tuesday, November 15th, 2016 at 11:00am
Cascade 8.1 is here

Released on Friday, November 11, Cascade 8.1 includes new and exciting features like task management, streamlined editing, and numerous bug fixes and improvements. Trust us, it's jam packed! Notable changes include:


Cascade CMS 8.1 introduces tasks! Tasks allow you to create to dos for you and your team and to better organize your content creation and improvement efforts. They can be associated with pieces of content, discussed with comments, given due dates and assigned to users.
Cascade 8.1 Task Manager

And don't forget to add the widget to your dashboard for quick access.

Cascade 8.1 task manager dashboard

Broken link reporting functionality

Not all broken links are worth reviewing. Sometimes links take too long to respond or you're aware that they are broken. You can now permanently ignore specific links so they do not appear in the broken report.

New broken link report that enables users to ignore links


Additionally, we want to help you focus on what matters and that means some times ignoring things and filtering out others. In addition to filtering out ignored links, you can now filter by just internal or external links.

Filtering broken links in new broken link report


We've also added broken link statuses so you can get more information about why a link is failing.

New broken link report shows link statuses

And, again, you can use the "Search" box to filter the report to look for links with a common status such as "404" to help you focus on just the links that are actually reporting back with the HTTP Not Found status.

 Search functionality in new broken link report

Advanced submit for quick saving

If you want to skip the preview step during content create or edit, you can now use the Advanced Submit menu to quickly submit your change and optionally run the content checks.

Advanced Submit functionality in new broken link report

This is really handy if know exactly what you're wanting to change and don't need to bother with a preview.

Navigation for Manage Site components

You told us that users frequently need to jump from one type of Site management component to another while configuring a site—and we listened. Cascade CMS 8.1 introduces a handy navigation to let you quickly get to other types of components when you're drilled into a particular container without having to go back to the main Manage Site page.

Navigation for Main Site Components


Please review our Cascade CMS Release Notes to learn more about specific improvements, read about issues resolved, and check out steps required to upgrade.

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