Create an Inventory of Your Site's Indexed Pages in MINUTES

By Laura Rives — Tuesday, December 20th, 2016 at 11:00am

Create an Inventory of Your SIte's Indexed Pages in MINUTES

A content audit is the process of evaluating published web content in an effort to boost its effectiveness, make it easier to find, and drive traffic via enhanced SEO.

A content audit will enable your organization to:

  • Create a better visitor experience
  • Identify content gaps
  • Facilitate content repurposing
  • Benefit SEO
  • Make educated and strategic design decisions

Previous notions that content audits are tedious or intimidating shouldn’t dissuade you from performing this cornerstone of content strategy. A content audit consists of four basic parts:

  1. Compile an inventory of all your collateral and capture it on a spreadsheet. Enter the title of your pages and the URLs.
  2. Add pertinent columns to prepare you for the next step, which will be a qualitative analysis of your content. These may include quality score, owner, action items, and notes.
  3. Review each item in your inventory and decide what to do with it. Is the content relevant? Does it serve its purpose? Does it need to be updated or moved, or should it be discarded and/or replaced with something else?
  4. The fourth and final part, of course, is to follow through with the action items that you’ve identified.

If you’re dreading  your audit—namely the tedious inventory—don’t fret! You can actually generate it automatically by visting and completing the form fields on the righthand side of the page. An Excel spreadsheet containing all of the indexed pages within your site will be emailed to you within two hours.

While it’s safe to say that going through this exercise is nobody’s favorite activity, the benefits of performing a content audit—and acting on it!—are multi-faceted.

Visit to get started!

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