#CUC16 Session Overview: Custom Cascade Reports: Show Me the Data

By Lauren Murray — Thursday, October 27th, 2016 at 11:00am
In this blog post from Hannon Hill, we provide an overview of Pima Community College’s Custom Cascade Reports


This year’s Cascade User Conference was filled with a wide variety of presentations on all things Cascade. This week, we spotlight the presentation given by Leah Einecker of Pima Community College.

In her presentation, Leah gives an overview of specific custom Cascade reports they have created at Pima Community College and gives a few examples of how the reports are used. All of the code for each report can be downloaded and used as is. She also provides insight into the development of the reports, allowing viewers to modify the report or create their own. While we have summarized each of the reports below, we highly recommend watching the presentation for more details.

While Cascade comes with reports already built in, Leah discusses how to create a workflow report, permissions report, and login report. The best practices while creating these reports are:

  • Avoid modifying Cascade CMS files. Don’t change any of the files that Cascade ships with.
  • Consider Cascade software upgrades. Any customizations made will go away when Cascade is upgraded.
  • Make custom things obvious. Name things in a clear and obvious way.
  • Limit access appropriately. Control access to new features appropriately and who has access to what. Access to reports can also be limited to certain user groups.


Workflow Report. With a smaller web team, Pima Community College relies on each department to create their own content. In order to maintain a consistent look and feel across their website, they set up editing and publishing workflows. The workflow report is beneficial to their team because it allows them to see where things are backing up, who has workflows waiting for them, and facts about each workflow.

Permissions Report. Used to review what permissions each user has, the permissions report allows users to lookup permissions by username. The search shows not only the permissions assigned directly to a user, but also the writing permissions assigned for each group they belong to.

Login Report. A common request administrators have is to know who is logging into their system and how often.  The login report will show this information, as well as who is noticeably absent over a certain period of time. It also shows any unsuccessful logins with the number of failed attempts.

Click here to watch this session.


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