Migrating Content to Cascade CMS Has Never Been Easier

By Laura Rives — Thursday, May 26th, 2016 at 11:00am

Migrating Content to Cascade CMS Has Never Been Easier

Migrating from an existing content management system to a new one is not a small undertaking. After all, you need the process to be as non-invasive and transparent as possible for your stakeholders, including your web team and your content contributors, so that you won’t lose buy-in for your new CMS. Your goals are to make the process of migrating your content as painless, expeditious, and reliable as possible while minimizing tedious manual tasks, such as copying and pasting, uploading images, and cleaning up HTML.

Over the past 15 years, Hannon Hill has helped hundreds of customers move from other content management systems to Cascade CMS. To assist with content migrations, we built several CMS-specific tools to automate the process. Hannon Hill’s FREE Universal Migration Tool is a CMS-agnostic, HTML-based migration tool - which means that you don’t even need to export your web content from your existing system (as some CMSs make it more cumbersome than others). All you need to do is copy your web files, either directly from the server or by using a copier. 

The process is exceptionally simple. After you export your XML files and determine your page and content types, you use the migration tool to map the appropriate HTML sections to the corresponding fields in the CMS. The wizard-like interface guides you through this process and shows you a summary of your content mappings.

Next, you select how you would like to handle assets that may already exist in Cascade CMS. You can overwrite them, keep them, or update them.

Now the easiest part begins. You click a button to run the tool and watch how it creates hundreds of assets in Cascade CMS within minutes. If you worry about breaking internal links, don’t - everything will be updated and tracked.

Made a mistake in your mapping? No problem. You can stop the process at any time or you can wait until the tool has finished its job. Then, you can simply go back to the beginning, make the appropriate changes to your mappings and select "overwrite existing assets".

After the migration has been completed, you see a list of all assets that have been successfully migrated.

Or, if you’re still skeptical, Hannon Hill’s Professional Services Team has your back. We’ve helped numerous clients migrate existing content to Cascade CMS from a variety of sources including Luminis CMS, Serena Collage, Drupal, and more. We’re also here to help with template and format creation, if you prefer.

Moving content into Cascade CMS has never been easier. Contact us today to learn more!



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