Customer Appreciation Week: Making News Monday

By Patrice Meadows — Monday, December 4th, 2017 at 11:00am

Cascade client appreciation week

We’re kicking off our first Client Appreciation Week by recognizing our clients’ achievements. We work with leaders in various industries and are proud to highlight their accomplishments.

Higher Ed:

More than 250 colleges and universities across North America use Cascade CMS. Below, you’ll find notable achievements by our clients’ athletic teams, faculty members, or students.

Blinn College: Essie Childers of Blinn College was named Professor of the Year for Developmental Education at the College Academic Support Program Conference. 

California State University, Chico: California State University Student, Breanna Holbert, was named the first African American woman to lead the Future Farmers of America

Image of Breanne Holbert, the first African American female president of the Future Farmers of America

Duke University: A team of researchers from Duke University, led by Biomedical Engineering professor, Dr. Amanda Randles, modeled how blood flow impacts health.

Hawaii Pacific University: HPU recently hosted a workshop on electric transportation infrastructure. Representatives from Ford, Lyft and Proterra participated in the event in early November. 

Indiana University: Biologists at Indiana University used genetic engineering to create three-eyed beetles in their journey to understand more about evolution. 


Local government entities do important work that has a major impact on all of our lives. We’re excited to share some of the recent developments from our clients in government.

Los Alamos National Laboratory: In November, the LANL revealed their latest high-performance computer powered by Raspberry Pis. This computer can help developers write and test software more efficiently. 

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration:  In a joint effort with NASA, the NOAA recently launched the first spacecraft in next-generation polar-orbiting satellites. The polar-orbiting satellite system helps track short and long-term weather events with greater accuracy.  

Sandia National Laboratories: Leaders at Sandia National Labs recently developed 3-D printed technology that makes solar panels more powerful. The new equipment was also tested at Sandia’s site and may eventually make its way to utilities.  


The Scripps Research Institute: Working in conjunction with the National Institute Health, Scripps is studying how wearable technology can be used more broadly in medical research. This effort is a part of a larger initiative that will include more than 1 million research study participants. 

Is your organization doing something incredible? Tell us! We’re more than happy to share your achievements on our company blog, newsletter or social media channels. Share your company's’ good work below or email your client advocate to tell your story.

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