Customer Appreciation Week: Incredible Tech Tuesday

By Patrice Meadows — Tuesday, December 5th, 2017 at 11:00am


Cascade client appreciation week tuesday banner image Our clients find innovative solutions to complex problems. Whether it is determining how to empower (and manage)  large groups of diverse users or discovering how to build and maintain accessible sites; these tech teams make it work.

We asked our clients, client-services team, and engineers which tech teams did incredible things this year and we received several examples of outstanding work. 


Building sites that work quickly and function properly is no small feat. These clients make it look easy with various features that improve user-experience.

The centerpiece of Xavier Universitys homepage is a type-ahead search bar that invites visitors to explore the site. As users enter information, the tool suggests popular options linked to Xavier’s programs, activities, and events. This feature helps users find the information they need using a simple method they’re used to.

Colorado Christian University recently relaunched their site using Cascade CMS. Following the new site launch Assistant Vice President, Chris Franz noted that the new site is “more than twice as fast as our old site and speed tests indicated that it’s 91% faster than other sites tested through Google.”


Design is another critical element of websites that heavily impacts user experience. The following clients used page templates, layouts, and modules to create sites that keep users engaged.

Wing Ming Chan of SUNY Upstate Medical University created a single template to drive design for various sites. Since joining SUNY in 2012, Chan has searched for new and interesting ways to use Cascade CMS efficiently.

Want to know more about Chan’s one-template approach? Read this case study detailing his work.

The State Center Community College District received top honors at the 2017 dotCOMM Awards for the cohesive site redesign that spans all six of their web properties. Their design firm, Articulate Solutions, helped them create site templates that associate each of SCCCD’s campuses with one another while allowing certain elements to be customized as needed.

The Social Media Mashup module, free to any Cascade CMS client, allows visitors to live stream your social channels while perusing your site. The two clients below have really made the module their own with styling that fits their brand and a layout that works for them. Visit both sites to see how they do it.


Colorado Mesa University

How does your team show off their tech skills? Share your top features below or tweet us @hannon_hill.

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