Cascade CMS Chronicles: Cascade 8.7 Is Here!

By Bradley Wagner — Wednesday, November 29th, 2017 at 11:00am
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We’re dedicated to making changes that will help you and your team do more together. Cascade CMS 8.7 does that by making it easier for everyone on your team to create, edit, and produce quality content.

Here are a couple of ways we do it with Cascade CMS 8.7.

More ways to keep up with content:

Your team can generate better content more quickly with features that help them add, change, and publish new content that meets your standards. You can view asset changes in real time or receive notifications to help you track improvements. Here are a couple of the features that help make this possible.

  • Asset Naming Rules
  • Notifications for changes to assets trees
Asset Naming Rules

Customizable asset naming rules to standardize asset creation: Consistent naming conventions make it easier to find documents and assets maintained within the system. In Cascade CMS 8.7, you and your team can help contributors follow rules you set for how to name files and pages in Cascade CMS.

Here are three ways Asset Naming Rules can work:

  • Capitalization: determine whether new assets must be named using mixed casing, all caps, or all lower case letters.
  • Spacing: decide how or if users can separate words when naming new assets. You choose if spaces are allowed and whether to use hyphens or underscores in the place of spaces between words.
  • Asset type: to keep things flexible, you can choose when or how new rules apply.

Here’s how looks to users:

Animation demonstrating how Cascade CMS users can use new asset naming functions

How to get started with Asset Naming Rules:

At the System Level

  1. Navigate to Administration > Preferences > Asset Naming Rules.
  2. Configure the asset naming rules and select which asset types the rules will apply to. These rules will be enforced for sites that have Inherit from system preferences selected in their Site Settings.
  3. Click Submit.

At the Site Level

  1. Navigate to Manage Site > Site Settings > Asset Naming Rules.
  2. Configure the asset naming rules and select which asset types the rules will apply to.
  3. Alternatively, select Inherit from system preferences to enforce the rules set in System Preferences.
  4. Click Submit.

Here’s more information on how to use Asset Naming Rules in Cascade CMS.

Notifications for Changes to Assets

Collaboration is how work gets done in many environments. Making collaboration work can be cumbersome, but with the right tools and features, it doesn’t have to be. In Cascade CMS 8.7, users are notified when comments are posted, assets are published or other notable changes are made. These notifications can help you and your team move content forward so new or updated pieces get published sooner.

New features to support security:

Accessibility isn’t the only thing driving web managers these days, site security is another major issue facing web teams of all kinds. Cascade CMS 8.7 includes two critical changes that can help your site even more secure.  

  • Help text encouraging contributors to use secure URLs
  • Enhanced password encryption throughout the CMS

For a full list of the features and bug fixes that are new in Cascade CMS 8.7, visit our knowledge base. There, you’ll find everything you need to upgrade your instance to the most recent version of Cascade CMS.

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