Cascade CMS Chronicles: Daily Content Reports

By Bradley Wagner — Wednesday, July 5th, 2017 at 11:00am


We are dedicated to making the best CMS for our customers. Our product team works hard to develop new features regularly, so users can achieve more with Cascade CMS. To highlight some of Cascade CMS’s new features, we’re launching this blog series to explain new features and how to access them.

This post is the first in our new series, check back regularly for new topics or subscribe to our RSS feed for automatic updates delivered to your inbox. Enjoy!

Daily Content Reports

With so many priorities to manage, it can be hard for content contributors, marketing managers, and administrators to keep track of what’s needed to keep sites running. The new Daily Content Reports from Cascade CMS solve this issue by delivering daily custom content reports to users.

 These quick messages highlight:

  • Content drafts
  • Outstanding tasks
  • Active workflows
  • Comments on owned content
Sample view of Daily Content Report email

 Once users activate Daily Content Reports in Cascade CMS, they will receive a list of action items and a summary of recently created or updated assets via email. These reports keep users engaged with content to ensure assets are created, updated, and reviewed in a timely manner.

 To learn more about Daily Content Reports in Cascade CMS, visit our Knowledge Base. You can also check out other client resources we developed to help enhance your experience with Cascade CMS.

  • Cascade Exchange: a collection of example sites, code, videos and tutorials for Cascade CMS users
  • Help Forum: a database of FAQs and answers with input from active users and our product team
  • Idea Exchange: customer forum where users can share what they are doing with the product and make suggestions about changes they’d like to see.
  • Community Slack Feedback Channel: share your thoughts in real time by joining our feedback slack channel.

What else would you like to see in your content emails? Share your suggestions below, or tweet us @hannon_hill #CascadeCMS

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