Cascade CMS Chronicles: Stale Content, Content Review and General Reporting Improvements

By Bradley Wagner — Wednesday, August 16th, 2017 at 11:00am

Cascade CMS offers many ways for users to keep track of content they own, review, and approve. Whether that means gathering several items using reports or searching for individual assets by title, Cascade CMS helps users find what they need quickly. Now we’ve added another way to locate content, so users can focus only on pieces that require action.

Cascade CMS’s content filtering options allow users to classify content either by ownership status or asset type. Read on for more information about content filtering options and how you can use them to find content quickly.

Filter content by ownership

View only owned content in reports or on your dashboard by selecting the ‘show only content I own’ option on your screen. This will help you focus on specific pieces you’re responsible for in Cascade CMS.


Filter content by asset type and/or “evergreen” status

Limit content by asset type when using the Stale Content Report. You can focus on just Files or Pages, or other types of assets. You can also exclude individual folders from the report to limit the number of items displayed. If there is a lot of content in your system, options like these can be quite helpful.


User reports and other general improvements to tables

Viewing the total number of items in a table of data is easier with filters. Now, you can view total user counts either by user status (enabled v. disabled) or login activity. This functionality extends throughout the system so administrators can easily track Cascade CMS users.


To learn more about other improvements or helpful features in Cascade CMS, visit our Knowledge Base. You can also check out the other client resources we offer to help enhance your experience of Cascade CMS.

  • Cascade Exchange: a collection of example sites, code, videos and tutorials for Cascade CMS users
  • Help Forum: a database of FAQs and answers with input from active users and our product team
  • Idea Exchange: customer forum where users can share what they are doing with the product and make suggestions about changes they’d like to see.
  • Community Slack Feedback Channel: share your thoughts in real time by joining our feedback slack channel.

What else would you like to see added to Cascade CMS? Share your suggestions below, or tweet us @hannon_hill #CascadeCMS

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