Cloud vs On-Premise CMS: How Do They Compare?

By Laura Rives — Thursday, May 4th, 2017 at 11:00am
Cloud Vs On-Premise CMS

If you’ve recently evaluated a modern piece of software, you likely discovered that most vendors are promoting the benefits of cloud-based hosting environments compared on-premise versions. Now, not only do you have to assess product features, benefits, and price, your organization must choose the deployment option that best meets its needs.

There is certainly no shortage of choices to make when implementing a new solution. We understand that. But there’s one topic that we can hopefully simplify for you:

In the world of content management systems, how do cloud and on-premise versions compare?

Cloud Defined

Cloud, a term that’s gained tremendous popularity and adoption over the past 10 years, refers to Internet-based software and services that require no installation on a local machine. Generally, cloud-based solutions are delivered via a software as a service (SaaS) model in which software is hosted over multiple servers and licensed on a subscription basis.

On-Premise Defined

On-premise software is installed locally, usually on servers, for internal management. Tangible hardware lives within the walls of your organization and you are responsible for both the physical components and the electricity required to keep them in operation.

How Do They Compare?

While there are pros and cons to each, successfully maintaining an on-premise CMS requires staff expertise and time, hardware purchases and maintenance, and much more. It’s very important to consider these administrative and maintenance costs in addition to a provider’s license and maintenance fees or a third-party vendor’s design and support costs. The total cost of ownership for an on-premise CMS extends beyond the purchase order.

But let’s not get totally hung up on price. There are numerous ways in which a Cloud-based CMS can benefit your organization. Among other things, SaaS solutions enable you to:

  • Improve resource allocations and act more expeditiously
  • Scale up or down with ease
  • Reduce or eliminate time spent on installations and upgrades
  • Reduce data center footprint by increasing server utilization and consolidating data centers
  • Focus on cutting-edge initiatives instead of security, backups, disaster recovery, and more

Overall, Cloud-based services have not only taken the private and government sectors by storm, higher education is embracing it at a rapid pace as well. In terms of cloud-based CMSs, higher education is reaping other benefits including faster troubleshooting, peace of mind, and a better experience for both technical users and content contributors.

And Cascade CMS developers, administrators, and end users are no exception to this trend. More customers than ever are opting for Cascade Cloud because of the features and benefits it brings to organizations.

Cascade Cloud From Hannon Hill

Cascade Cloud is Hannon Hill’s SaaS solution optimized for Cascade CMS, created and supported exclusively by our internal team. While you can purchase Cascade CMS and host wherever you’d like, the features and benefits will be different than Cascade Cloud.

With Cascade Cloud, the Hannon Hill support team hosts and maintains the application server and database server. Cascade Cloud also includes:

  • Product and database setup and installation
  • Software upgrades handled by the Hannon Hill Support team
  • Daily backups of your database
  • All operating system and database server patches and security fixes
  • No limits on number of sites
  • No limits on the number of named users
  • Integration with your current authentication system—no development required!

Additional benefits specific to Cascade Cloud include:

Better Products

Cascade Cloud has a distinct product roadmap with features and integrations only available to Cascade Cloud customers. Similarly, because we apply upgrades for you, Cascade Cloud customers have first access to new features, even features in beta. And you’ll have peace of mind knowing we apply bug-fixes, security updates, and small improvements—no scheduling required.

A Better CMS Experience

You can rely on our technical expertise to ensure that users have the best possible CMS experience. In addition to providing you with the setup and infrastructure that best suits your needs, we also provide advanced functionality in Cascade Cloud. For example, because we control the technology and infrastructure, we are able to provide more integrations with other systems. Finally, because we are able to obtain usage data from our cloud instances, we can develop better software at a faster pace.

Faster Troubleshooting

One of the biggest benefits of Cascade Cloud is that we, the makers of the software, can exponentially expedite the resolution of support tickets. Instead of sending a database back and forth and requiring support engineers to replicate your environment, we can simply log into your cloud instance and diagnose the issue.

Peace of Mind

With Cascade Cloud, you don’t have to worry about security, backups, or even disaster recovery. Should there be a security update that needs to be implemented, we can apply it instantaneously. We use best-of-breed service providers who follow the most stringent security recommendations. Those services allow us to provide a snapshot of your database and restore it to a previous state within minutes. We can even spin up a new instance at a different location if a catastrophic event occurs. Moreover, we guarantee 99% uptime and commitment to system recovery within three business hours.

Wrap Up

We recognize that there are many things to consider when evaluating CMSs, but it is our sincere hope that you thoroughly evaluate your deployment options and make a decision based on features, benefits, and long-term value.

In most cases, Cloud products improve resource allocation and reduce the burden of maintaining servers and applying upgrades, enabling your IT team to focus on strategic projects, foster entrepreneurship, and bring long-term value to your organization. And you no longer have to worry about hardware purchases, installation or upgrades, security, or disaster recovery.

We’d love to continue the Cloud versus on-premise conversation with you. Please feel free to drop us a line via the comment section below, by emailing, or calling 678.904.6900.

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