Community Service Day: PAWS Atlanta

By Ali Simmons — Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017 at 11:00am

Settled in an Atlanta suburb, PAWS Atlanta is a no kill shelter that gives abandoned, homeless cats and dogs a second chance at a happy life. They survive purely on donations and volunteering with no government funding and have helped thousands of animals for over fifty years. Doing a lot of big work with a group of devoted teammates is a cause Hannon Hill can get behind, and helping PAWS Atlanta was no exception.

All of the Hannon Hillers that could attend helped PAWS Atlanta with organization, cleaning, and general maintenance. We cleared brush from the off-leash area, hung thermometers to monitor the heat in the summer, and cleaned cages for the surgery center to use.


The true stars at PAWS Atlanta are the animals themselves. The cats have their own cool, quiet cottage to hang out in when they aren’t gaining admirers and being adopted from the new Java Cats Cafe in Grant Park. The dogs have most of the outdoor space with individual kennels, a shared playpen for single dogs and volunteers to play, and a 3.5 acre walking trail for the dogs to get exercise and socialization.


Ziva, a 5 year old Siberian Husky mix, enjoys a walk with Ali.


Reed, a tiny 2 year old terrier mix, ran circles around Meg on his walk.


Chimp and Cline are kennel buddies at PAWS Atlanta and loved hanging out with Uzo and Kate.

A few of the dogs we fell in love with have already been adopted since our volunteering day.


Like Arnold, who stole our hearts and found his forever home four days after we visited.


And, Brute, also found a family after running five laps around the trail and jumping on every single bench that day.

Though they aren’t an animal sanctuary, PAWS Atlanta provides a safe place for animals to heal and wait for their forever homes. With a small staff, they depend heavily on volunteers to help out and donations to keep growing. They work hard to provide low cost medical care for pets in the area after adoption also with a full service veterinary hospital on site.

See the wonderful dogs and cats available for adoption or donate to PAWS Atlanta.

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