#CUC17 Session Spotlight: Implementing a Website Redesign

By Laura Rives — Tuesday, August 8th, 2017 at 11:00am

Most (if not all) of you have gone through a website redesign. It’s one of the most exciting (and daunting!) projects a web team can take on. This year, we’ll have three sessions that revolve around redesign projects. Let’s take a look.

Burning the Ground: Taking The Scorched Earth Approach To Launching a New Website Design

Speaker: Darren Denham, Web Content Manager, University of Central Oklahoma

When your website has over 400 editors who've created 7,000 web pages using a design that is 8+ years old - the temptation might be to slap on the new design and call it a day! But not so fast! The web team at the University of Central Oklahoma saw this as an opportunity for a fresh start! In this presentation, Darren, Web Content Manager for the University of Central Oklahoma, will discuss their challenges of implementing a new design including:

  • Developing a mindset of a customer-focused content strategy
  • Coaching departments on revamping and restructuring their sites
  • Building fresh, new pages - no copy/paste allowed
  • Reducing editors by asking for a small, empowered web content team
  • Rapid (some might say ridiculous) timelines
  • All while moving forward with an upgrade from Cascade 7.x to Cascade 8
You will gain from our pain! Join us for all this and more!

Migrations, the Next Generation

Speakers: Lauri Francis, Web Developer & Mark Adamson, Manager of Web Operations, Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University websites have been using a six-year-old template for web pages. A new template was developed in 2016 for the main CMU site and through early 2017 an upgrade path has been developed for our existing sites in the old template. Upgrades include a responsive design and feature improvements. Lauri Francis, Web Developer and Mark Adamson, Manager, Web Operations will share the process, issues, scripting and customer support tips to get existing content into a new design template.

Speak to Your Students

Speaker: Mallory O’Brien, Web Content Specialist, Wilfrid Laurier University

As part of a website redesign project that introduced multiple audience-based sites, Wilfrid Laurier University’s new web content strategy focused on our prospective- and current-student audiences. We even created a personalized site for our current students: students.wlu.ca. This session, hosted by Mallory O’Brien of  Wilfrid Laurier University, will cover web writing best practices with a focus on writing for a student audience.The session will also explore:

  • How content creators/editors should work with user experience designers to turn research results into content reality.
  • Getting on board with accessibility legislation. Following accessibility standards doesn’t hinder web content—it only improves it!
  • Using results of card sorting, tree testing and labeling exercises to create meaningful, topical paths for students (and convincing the university community to lower their departmental boundaries to achieve this).
  • How to manage all this content in a decentralized model by employing technical tools, training editors properly, conducting audits, and being a service-oriented team.

Please visit the 2017 Cascade User Conference site to view the full schedule of presentations.

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