Customer Appreciation Week: Feel the Love Friday

By Patrice Meadows — Friday, December 8th, 2017 at 11:00am
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Cascade CMS customers make the work we do worthwhile. Our team loves interacting with clients, learning from their experiences, and being inspired by their work. We enjoy working closely with clients throughout the year to tackle complex issues and treasure our time together at our annual user conference.

Each day, we are mesmerized by their ability to gain new skills, capitalize on new opportunities, and share their amazing work with peers. Here are a few of our favorite things about our customers.

They’re intelligent

Cascade user conference attendee leading a sessions

Our customers come from various industries and possess the skills that make their individual applications of Cascade CMS especially interesting. Each team develops a unique configuration that addresses their organization’s specific challenges. Many share their code on our sponsored Github channel and work with others who want to try it out.

They’re responsive

Photo from Cascade User Conference 2017 with Hannon Hill CEO, Kat Liedgens giving out the Lifetime Achievement Award for 2017

We invite all of our clients to join our Client Slack to interact with staff and other clients as they use Cascade CMS each day. Most clients use the Client Slack to quickly pose questions to other clients or offer feedback about new features. Some of our clients take great pride in sharing their insights with other users. We love seeing them help each other and encourage more members to join in on the fun.

They’re fun

Photo of several #CUC17 attendees at the awards receptions













Our clients really know how to have a good time. Every year when we come together for the Cascade CMS User Conference, we know that we’re in for a treat. #CUC17 was the best year yet as many came out for sponsored social events and additional outings with team members and other clients. We had a blast and hope to see even more of our clients at next year’s event.

We truly love our client community and celebrate their work every day. What do you love about those you work with? Share your story below or tweet us @hannon_hill

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