Five New Cascade CMS Case Studies

By Kat Liendgens — Thursday, February 16th, 2017 at 11:00am
Five New Cascade CMS Case Studies

We often talk about the fact that our customers change the world through the services they provide - whether it’s through medical research and breakthroughs or by shaping the minds of future generations. Nothing makes us prouder than to do our part in enabling them to manage their digital presence in order to continue to pursue their mission.

We recently released five new case studies, highlighting some of the great things that our customers are doing in Cascade. Let’s take a quick look.

Geneva College

After evaluating 20 different content management systems, Geneva College selected Cascade CMS to replace their old system, which no longer supported the College’s needs. Within less than six months, all of the templates had been integrated and over 10,000 pages had been migrated into Cascade. Geneva is a big believer in COPE (Create Once, Publish Everywhere), so cross-site sharing of content is very important. As an example, Geneva’s news releases and event calendar handle athletic games and campus events and are deployed through multiple areas of the website. Geneva also uses Cascade to manage vanity URLs and its blog, as well as the Athletics apparel store and the annual donor list.

Check out the case study to learn about Geneva’s projects, including a website redesign and email campaigns.

Macomb Community College

Macomb Community College collaborated closely with our Professional Services team to roll out its main website, as well as two center sites. It took about three months to do a content audit, develop a new web design, integrate the templates in Cascade, and migrate the content. Macomb was able to provide much more autonomy to the marketing department, and, as a result, to reduce go-to-market time of content. Macomb leverages Spectate for meaningful analytics, such as conversion rates, and to power effective landing pages.

Read the case study to learn how Macomb uses Spectate and Cascade for effective content marketing.

University of San Diego

Prior to switching to Cascade CMS, the University of San Diego was facing multiple challenges, including lack of fresh, error-free content and lack of template flexibility. Now that the University powers its website in Cascade Cloud, non-technical users have the ability to make changes to the layout and components of their pages without needing to involve technical resources and without compromising brand consistency. Robust workflows ensure that each page gets properly vetted before going on the live site.

Find out how increased user autonomy has freed up the web team to focus on other strategic process in this case study.

Heartland Community College

Heartland Community College’s webmaster was on a mission to find a CMS that would allow end users with minimal technical expertise to create a new page within minutes. Implementing Cascade, Heartland was able to accomplish just that. Users have the flexibility to add components, such as rows, columns, and accordions to their pages and allow the system to share the new content across multiple channels. Cascade has also been a big time-saver for the technical users. In fact, the webmaster can create a new site in just five minutes!

Read the case study to learn how Heartland’s end user training has shifted from technical training on the CMS to how to write effective web content.

Washoe County

Washoe County’s CMS selection process involved testing and scoring of the top eight commercially available solutions. After selecting Cascade and performing a content audit, Washoe rolled out a new responsive and secure site that has had many positive outcomes for the County and its constituents. Washoe County uses Cascade combined with Spectate to send thousands of email newsletters to subscribers and to make educated strategic decisions based on actionable analytics data.

Check out the Case study to learn more about Washoe County’s engagement with its audience.

We love putting the spotlight on the great work that our customers are doing. If you would like to collaborate on a case study or customer spotlight, please contact Lauren Murray, our Client Advocate.

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