New Offering: End User Support as a Service

By Kat Liendgens — Friday, February 10th, 2017 at 11:00am
New Offering: End User Support as a Service

Many of our customers leverage Cascade CMS to manage dozens, and sometimes hundreds of sites, while supporting hundreds of end users. While some content contributors log into the CMS frequently, others may only use it sporadically and might need a training refresher. The responsibility of fielding end user requests, gathering requirements for additional templates or functionality, and getting new or infrequent end users up to speed might be delegated to the web team. Of course, the size of the web team varies from organization to organization. Some of our customers’ web departments are one person shops, while others consists of larger teams. For those who want their web teams to focus on technical innovations and strategic initiatives, we are happy to offer a new service: End User Support.

Hannon Hill will provide you with a dedicated resource to support your non-technical content contributors. Here’s what your end user support rep will bring to the table:

End user training

For new or infrequent users of the CMS, our end user support rep will hold a monthly online training session. This training will cover the overall functionality of the CMS as it relates to your specific implementation. We will cover your common use cases and also provide training on certain topics based on help requests. In addition, we will train your users on new functionality as you are building out new templates or modules or are redesigning your site. We will record those training sessions and make the video available to you, so you can add it to your training library. We understand that people have different learning styles, so for those who prefer written documentation, we provide this as well. Our support rep will perform an initial audit of the documentation currently available to end users and identify any gaps. Next, he/she will develop additional documentation in order to ensure that all pertinent use cases are covered. Of course, we will also perform periodic audits and make any necessary updates.

Ad hoc help

Personal attention is key when it comes to end user support. If a content contributor needs immediate help, maybe because they don’t remember how to create a new piece of content or update an existing page, we will provide help on an ad hoc basis via email, a phone call, or a screen-sharing session.

Fielding change requests

It’s a good thing when an end user makes a suggestion or requests new functionality, because it means that they’re engaged and invested in the CMS. Our rep will field those requests, as they relate to both the implementation of new functionality (such as modifications to a template or the buildout of a new template or module) and product features. Requests pertaining to your CMS implementation will be analyzed and documented and delivered to your web team for consideration. Requests regarding product features will also be captured and communicated to our engineering team.


If you need help with the day to day management of users, groups, and roles, our rep will be happy to assist. We can also collaborate with you to identify workflows that optimally fit into your web governance and implement those workflows for you.

We understand that there’s no one size fits all solution. Each organization’s needs are different. That’s why we tailor our service specifically to you. Feel free to contact Blaine Herman at to learn more.

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