Staying a Startup: How Keeping a Startup Spirit Helps Hannon Hill

By Patrice Meadows — Thursday, July 13th, 2017 at 11:00am

Entrepreneur and investor David Cummings founded Hannon Hill in his ccollege dorm room in 2001. Today, we are a respected player in content management with award-winning software and big-name clients. Here, success is driven by a scrappy startup spirit that’s led to 16 years of sustained growth.

We work alongside a slew of small and growing companies in the Atlanta Tech Village (ATV), a hub for software companies in Atlanta. While convenience is a factor (Cummings also founded the ATV), working out of the ATV suits us. Despite longevity and stability, we are still very much a startup—dress is casual, perks are generous, and innovation drives strategy.

Staying a startup means more than dressing casually and eating free (though both are awesome), it means approaching every aspect of business with passion and commitment. These principles have guided our company for years and will help us achieve even more in the future.

I checked in with a few Hannon Hillers for their take on the company. Here is what they had to say about our culture, collaboration with clients, and why maintaining the spirit of a startup is so important.

On our culture:

“We are free at certain points to dive into and research new technologies or work on something we've wanted to just personally look into. They encourage us to do that because they value our education into the latest technologies.”


-Austin Shenk, Product Team

“We're kept informed of what other teams are doing, work on multi-team projects, and even interact outside of work (community service days, etc.). I've never felt like I couldn't ask someone here for assistance or input because they were too busy or I didn't know them well enough. It's much more cohesive.”


-Meg O’Connor, Support Team

“The one thing I love about working at Hannon Hill is the support I get from my team in whatever endeavor I choose to take on, personally or professionally.”

Kelly Truong

-Kelly Truong, Services Team Lead

“Every day is an opportunity for growth. There are always plenty of opportunities to collaborate with others, even outside of your department. Attending conferences and workshops is also encouraged and supported. Even the quarterly volunteer project allows us to get out of our comfort zone and be inspired.”


-Kat Liendgens, CEO

On collaborating with clients:


“Collaborating so closely with our customers through our idea exchange, one on one feedback sessions, focus groups and POPs (Product Opinion Providers) has helped us really get the products ‘right’”


- Kat Liendgens, CEO

Why we’re still a startup:

“We're not afraid to take risks or to change things up. We like to move fast and find ways to move faster. No process or policy is safe from review or the occasional improvement. We're always evolving. We've earned the luxury of being a well-established business with steady revenue streams that can still move like a start-up.”

Bradley Wagner

-Bradley Wagner, VP of Product Development

“We very much embody the scrappiness and agility of a start-up, but since we’ve been doing this for over 16 years, we have really streamlined our processes and we know the business inside out.”


-Kat Liendgens, CEO

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