How to Add a Content Management System to Your Site

By Patrice Meadows — Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018 at 11:00am
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Content Management Systems help non-technical users quickly add new content to websites. While small organizations with technically-inclined staffs may do well without CMSs; larger, enterprise organizations often need powerful systems to help site managers do less content updates and more of the work that matters.

If you’re gearing up to add a CMS to your site, here are three steps to guide your journey.

  1. Find your fit: There are hundreds of CMSs on the market to help organizations and individuals manage web content. Some are open-source, while others are proprietary, and many have specific features targeting users in certain industries. After reviewing several options, select one that fits your technical, financial and performance needs. Need help figuring out how to evaluate CMSs? Download this CMS Buying Guide for tips and helpful resources that can make choosing the right system easy and simple.  
  2. Review your content: Audit your existing site to determine which pieces should move to your new site and what’s better suited for archives. Take time to review site analytics to ensure that high-performing pieces (those that garner the most visits, comments, and shares) are included in the content migration. Eliminating these pieces may have adverse effects on your new site’s performance. Need an easy way to audit your site? Here’s a free tool you can try today to audit your existing site.
  3. Make your move: Adding existing content to your new system can be a daunting task. Collecting all the words, images, documents, videos, and recordings that make up your site can be a tedious endeavor that is wrought with opportunities for human error. Because of this, many opt to use automated tools to move content from sites to content management systems. 
While this approach requires some oversight (and quality assurance checks), it is much easier (and faster) than alternatives. We offer ours free to all new Cascade clients to help kickstart their move into our system.

Still looking at CMSs? Check out Cascade CMS, it’s the leading enterprise solution in higher education and a top choice among local governments. See what many across North America already know; Cascade CMS is the only system that has features to help marketers, contributors, developers, and administrators achieve more together.

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