Applied Mathematics

Most of our faculty members are active in research that involves applied mathematics, including combinatorics, computational mathematics, dynamical systems, general relativity, linear and nonlinear analysis, mathematical biology, numerical analysis, ordinary and partial differential equations, and probability and statistics. 

In addition to special topics courses in applied mathematics, a number of foundational courses are offered.Meeting on a regular basis are seminars in Applied Mathematics, Combinatorics, Geometry and Topology, and Probability and Statistics. Many colloquia are given by visiting applied mathematicians and are often joint with the Department of Biology and the School of Marine Sciences. There is a great deal of interaction with these departments as well as with the School of Engineering.

Majors and Minors

Major Minor

There are currently no Majors or Minors.


Analytic geometry, the function concept, polynomials, exponential, logarithms, trigonometric functions, mathematical induction, and the theory of equations.

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Differential calculus and basic integral calculus including the fundamental theorem of calculus and Taylor's theorem with remainder.

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This course concludes the treatment of single variable calculus and begins linear algebra, the linear basis of the multivariable theory.

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Last updated: 02/28/2019