User Acceptance Testing Process

User Acceptance Testing

At Hannon Hill, we use a tool called Wrike to collect all user acceptance testing (UAT) items.  This system is the best way to communicate with the developers and stay up-to-date with the status of your user acceptance testing items.  All user acceptance testing items must be submitted via Wrike.

Not sure if your issue should be submitted as a UAT item?  All UAT items will be categorized and prioritized based on these types of issues.

Please follow these instructions for submitting your user acceptance testing issues.

Fill out the form provided in your user acceptance testing instructions email.  Please list as many details as possible and provide any screenshots that will help the developers.  The form can also be found in Wrike by clicking the green "+" button at the top of the window.


Completing the form will create an item in Wrike.  The item will be assigned to the developer working on the user acceptance testing.  All clients will have access to their user acceptance testing project and visibility into all work that has been completed.  Viewing each individual item will show all information about the issue and give a full comment history.

To communicate with the developer, add a comment to the item's task.  Developers will also use the commenting feature to communicate with you for any additional information or status updates. 


Once an item has been worked on, the status will be updated by either the developer or the client.  If an item has been completed and is ready for review, or the developer has questions or comments, we will change the status to "Waiting on Client."  Once you have reviewed the item, please change the status to either "Resolved" or "In Progress" if changes are needed.


We encourage you to play around in the system and test things out.  Feel free to create new assets, but please refrain from making edits to sample pages and system assets built out by Hannon Hill.  This includes things like formats, scripts, and any assets in the Manage Sites area, as seen in the image below.


The user acceptance testing period will last 15 days.  At the end of the 15 days, no new issues can be submitted; however, any outstanding issues will be resolved within 15 days of the end of UAT.  Any implementation issues that arise after the 15 day user acceptance testing period will be considered outside the scope of the project.  We are happy to provide you a quote for additional hours, or any future items you come across, if you would like.

If for some reason you are unable to test during your UAT phase, please let us know immediately, and we can discuss other options.

Any errors or issues resulting from the malfunction of the CMS software and not the implementation, should be sent to our Support Team.  To create a ticket, you can visit our Help Site and “Submit a request” or email  If you are worried about whether an issue falls under support or an integration user acceptance testing task, filing a support ticket will allow us to work closely with Support to divvy up the tasks.  Our Professional Services team has active users within the support channel, and that will often result in an increased response time through that mode of communication.

If you have any questions about the user acceptance testing process, please contact Lauren Murray at