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QuickStart - HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Bootstrap

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Project Info

Elmira College purchased their Cascade CMS license in May 2013. As most of Hannon Hill’s customers do in order to get up and running quickly in Cascade CMS, Elmira College engaged our Professional Services team in a QuickStart Package, which is a 100 hour project specifically designed to help customers with a quick build-out of a portion of their site.

After agreeing on the scope of the project and outlining how the content would be generated on each region of every page type, the Services team integrated Elmira’s home page, interior page types, a news section, and a mobile output. As always, extensive content reuse was implemented, such as dynamic navigation, displaying the most current news articles on the home page, current features, and article indexes. In addition, Asset Factories were created to allow business users to create pages, images, thumbnails, re-usable content piece, etc. quickly.

After the integration had been completed, the project was demonstrated to the client, and documentation was provided. The project was completed within two weeks. Elmira College’s web team was able to use the integration as an example which allowed them to build out the remainder of the site.