Northeastern University School of Law

Implementation - HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Bootstrap

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Project Info

NEU Law has been using Cascade CMS to power their website since 2009. The Professional Services team did the initial integration via a QuickStart project and also migrated all of the pages from Serena Collage into Cascade CMS. After a few years, NEU Law went through a complete redesign of their site and asked the Professional Services team to implement it in Cascade CMS while keeping their current content intact within the CMS. The Hannon Hill Services team conducted a thorough analysis of the new design and mapped out how each original content piece would fit into the new design, while maintaining maximum flexibility and ease of use for the end user. The team then proceeded with the integration, creating a different HTML output for the new design, so that users could see both the old and the new design output but manage the content in one and the same asset. In addition, there were some content fields in the current implementation that needed to be mapped to new fields in the redesign. The Services Team wrote a custom script to handle this process. After publishing the new output to a development server and performing QA, the new site was then pushed out to production.

The project was completed on schedule and on budget.