Sarah Lawrence

Implementation - HTML5, CSS3, jQuery

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Project Info

Sarah Lawrence came to the Professional Services team in the fall of 2015 with two implementation projects, a Campaign Site and a Student Stories section for their main site.

The Student Stories site takes full advantage of Cascade's reuse capabilities. The individual student stories are created and contain modules related to that student. These users can designate feature modules that are pulled into the Student Stories Home page when a particular Student Stories page is selected. The modules pop out make use of navigational arrows to scroll through all of the modules for a particular story instead of having to click on each module individually. The user can create each unique module with text, links, images and videos. These modules are a prime example of content reuse and are featured in the right column of other pages throughout  the site. 

The design of their Campaign site is unique with two navigation choices, a collapsible top menu as well as navigational arrows on the banner that scroll through the pages in the site. The reusable folder driven navigation was able to be implemented across templates. The code for the navigation was created and is maintained in one place and used throught their different page schemes.