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Project Info

Washoe County wanted an aestetically pleasing website that was easy for web visitors to navigate and find services related to their needs. The website needed to be responsive and easy for content editors to manage and share content from one section of the site to another.

Hannon Hill's Professional Services team worked with Washoe County to determine how content should be maintained and easily shared using category tagging systems. This includes sharing and tagging of featured events, Outreach press releases, and FAQs. The Professional Services team also created a custom email output for use with Spectate when a new Outreach press release is created.

This project took full use of Cascade's content reuse. FAQs were created in separate sites and pulled into one FAQ index page on the main site. There was also a custom 'includes' site that allowed for efficient updating of headers, footers, and even dynamic navigation across all the pages in all of the sites instantly.

This functionality was also extended to the Washoe Library. Even though the design is different, we were able to reuse the fields from the main Washoe Press Release to generate the Library Press Release. The two different looks for the same content are able to exist on the same page inside Cascade, and publish to different locations outside of Cascade.