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White Papers

Navigating the Demographic Enrollment Cliff

Higher education is on the brink of a significant challenge known as the Demographic Enrollment Cliff. To successfully face this challenge, higher-ed institutions must consider expanding their enrollment marketing strategies beyond traditional students and focus on previously under-targeted groups, such as non-traditional students.

This white paper explores the non-traditional student target audience and how to serve them.

Higher Education Web Trends: 2023 and beyond

What are some of the ways colleges and universities can optimize their sites for greater conversions? Hannon Hill’s CEO Kat Liendgens collaborated with some of Hannon Hill’s partners to outline some of the most recent trends and why they are important.

This white paper will not just outline best practices and strategies to incorporate, but also identify some things that higher ed marketers should stop doing in order to remain competitive and drive the desired outcomes.

The Future of Higher Ed Marketing

The pandemic's effect on higher education, how your digital presence should evolve, trends to embrace in 2021, and other helpful tips from a panel of industry experts.

Personalization: Redefining the Visitor Experience

Who needs personalized content? What should I show them? Where do they need to see it? When do they need to see it? Dive into our perrsonalization whitepaper to see how it’s all done in Clive.

Digital Personalization in Higher Ed

This white paper covers targeted content delivery and why it's important, how to create personas, where to start with digital personalization, how to build trust by maintaining privacy, and more. Learn about this cutting-edge trend and how to get started down the path to personalization at your institution.

Cascade CMS Overview

Learn more about Cascade CMS from Hannon Hill, an award-winning content management system created by an experienced team dedicated to providing the best products and the best service in the industry. Download for more information including Clive, Cascade Cloud, user management, our partner network, and more. 

Is WordPress Right For Me?

WordPress is a widely-used blogging platform that can also support complex websites. In this white paper, we explain some of the benefits and challenges involved with using WordPress.