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This release contains a single bug fix for clients running specific versions of Linux (RHEL 6.6 and Ubuntu) who were seeing startup failures with Cascade 7.14

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Cascade CMS 7.14 includes a new, faster link checker, the ability for administrators to login as another user and formalized content ownership.

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This release contains bug-fixes and minor improvements including a fix for an issue with publishing on SQL Server implementations and fixes for the Broken Link Report.

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Cascade Server version 7.12.4 contains a fix for an inconsistency introduced in 7.12.3 with the way certain Velocity functions handle NULL parameters.

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Cascade Server version 7.12.3 contains improvements to access checks as well as a system health monitoring tool. A new link checking preference has also been added which ...

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This version adds support for selecting destinations on scheduled and on-demand Publish Set, Target, and Site publishes; support for MySQL 5.6; and a new Query API for creating ...

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Cascade Server version 7.12.1 introduces support for Internet Explorer 11, adds support for JSON, CSS, and JS page serialization types and fixes an issue with the Scheduled ...

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This release introduces a site-wide broken link report, improvements to content drafting and filters for stale content reports among other improvements and bug-fixes.

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