Cascade CMS 20210929


  • Metadata and property changes made to Folders are now automatically saved in the background as drafts. These drafts are listed within the My Content area and a message will be shown when viewing a Folder if the user has an existing draft.
  • For improved performance, large files that can be skipped by Smart Publishing will no longer be rendered during publish.
  • Cascade CMS application logging (i.e. contents of cascade.log) will no longer be duplicated in the catalina.out Tomcat logging.
  • To improve rendering performance, cache discard operations after various asset actions such as create, move, rename, and copy will now be performed in the background.


  • Clicking on a chooser field on a mobile device will no longer navigate to a 404 error screen.
  • Clicking the Browse button within the first row of a container chooser's Browse tab, while filtered, will no longer navigate into the wrong container.
  • We've tweaked the design of page region overlays to avoid adding extra whitespace to the page's rendering.
  • (Un)Starring an asset will now update all star buttons associated with that same asset (ex. in the context menu and when viewing the asset).
  • Addressed an issue where starring drafts or working copies of assets would display an error message.
  • It's now possible to add links to images within a figure element.
  • Addressed an issue where time picker fields, such as those when configuring schedule publishing, could not be updated in Safari or Firefox.
  • The Twitter Connector is now deprecated and it will be removed in the next release.