Keyboard Shortcuts


Cascade CMS features keyboard shortcuts in the following areas.

In Cascade CMS (General)

To see a list of available keyboard shortcuts in Cascade CMS, press Shift + ? on your keyboard while logged into the CMS to bring up the Keyboard Shortcuts menu.

Additional keyboard shortcuts are enabled by default, but you can toggle them by checking/unchecking the Enable additional shortcuts checkbox in the menu.

In Cascade CMS (Date/Time Fields)

When working in date/time fields such as Calendar or Date/Time fields the following shortcuts are available:

  • Tab then Enter - Enter date/time chooser
  • Up / Down / Left / Right (date entry) - Change date
  • (Cmd) + Ctrl + Right / Left (date entry) - Change month/year
  • Enter (date entry) - Choose date and enter time entry
  • Up / Down (time entry) - Change hour, minute, AM/PM
  • Enter (time entry) - Choose time

In the WYSIWYG Editor

For more information on keyboard shortcuts in the WYSIWYG editor, please visit TinyMCE Accessibility.

In the Advanced Code Editor

For a list of keyboard shortcuts in the advanced code editor, please visit Ace Default Keyboard Shortcuts.