XML Blocks


XML Blocks are reusable pieces of content stored as well-formed, static XML or XHTML. These blocks are particularly useful when there is content/data which must be included on one or more pages of a website.

Dealing with XHTML in particular, when the presentation layer is less of a consideration these blocks make managing the content much easier. For example, when wanting to manage links to CSS and/or Javascript files in one location, this type of content is not well-suited for managing in the WYSIWYG of an HTML Block.

Creating an XML Block

To create an index block:

  1. Click Add Content > Default > Block.
  2. Select XML and click Choose.
  3. In the Name field, enter a name for your block.
  4. In the Placement Folder field, choose the folder where the block should be created.
  5. You can add XML content to the block either by uploading an XML file or by entering content directly into the code editor.
  6. Click Preview Draft and Submit.