How do I determine where assets will be published?

Cascade CMS determines where to place files using a combination of the following values:

  • The Transport Server Directory (if blank, the FTP/FTPS/SFTP user’s home directory).
  • The Destination Directory.
  • The folder path of your asset in your Site.

For example, consider the following setup:

  • DestinationA has a Directory value of and is using TransportA.
  • TransportA has a Server Directory value of /var/web.
  • A file in the same Site as DestinationA is located in /about/our-team.png.

By combining the Transport’s Server Directory ( /var/web) with the Destination’s Directory (, we end up with the path /var/web/ as the Site’s root directory. Then, we append the location of the file itself as it resides in the Site. The final publish path of this sample file will be /var/web/

Using this logic, you can figure out the location on the web server file system to which your file(s) should be publishing.

Warning - Changing Transport and/or Destination directories can have serious consequences for your live web sites. DO NOT make any changes to these areas of the system without consulting with your CMS and web server administrators.