How do I reorder items in a navigation menu?

One of the most common strategies for implementing a navigation menu is to dynamically output links to the assets contained within a particular Folder. This type of setup often relies on the ordering of those items within that Folder when deciding how to display them within a navigation menu.

To change the Order of items contained within a Folder, see the steps outlined here.

Note: While the steps above will work in many cases, you may find that reordering items in a Folder has no effect on your navigation menu. This means that your menu is being generated in some other way (i.e., alphabetically, in a static XHTML Block, etc.) and you would need to reach out to your CMS or Site Administrator to find out how updates are made to that menu. 
Tip: After making updates to a navigation menu, it is important to publish all Pages in your Site that contain that menu. This will ensure that each page on your live website gets updated with the latest changes.