How do I edit content or find out where to edit a certain region?

You may be able to edit your page content by simply clicking Edit at the top of the page, making any changes, submitting and then publishing.

edit button

However, if you don't see the content you want to edit when editing the page, that content could be contained elsewhere. The content may be located in a Block and/or output by a Format attached to a particular region contained within the page’s Template.

You can find out what Block and/or Format is responsible for the content by clicking More > Show Regions, which reveals the Regions in the sidebar.

show regions

You can then hover over each Region in the sidebar until you see your content area highlighted on the page. From the Show Regions sidebar, you can click on the Block or Format name to make changes.

region click

If you can't locate the Region where your content is located or don't have access to edit the responsible Block and/or Format, we recommend contacting your Cascade CMS Administrator or web team as they should be familiar with your site's design and can provide additional assistance.