Could not put file with path 'FILE_PATH' onto server: Permission denied

When publishing, users may see the following error message in their publish notifications:

Error occurred during SFTP transport: Could not put file with path 'FILE_PATH' onto server: Permission denied

This error indicates that the SFTP account being used to connect to the target server does not have write permissions to the directory specified in the message (FILE_PATH).

To resolve this issue, administrators should take the following steps:

  • In the CMS, switch into the Site in question.
  • Click Manage Site.
  • Click Destinations.
  • Locate the Destination in question (the one for which the error appeared) and click it.
  • While viewing the Destination, click the link to the Transport.
  • While viewing the Transport, make a note of value specified for the Username field.
  • On the web server's filesystem, navigate to the directory indicated in the error message and ensure that the SFTP account (the Username from above) has Write permissions to that directory. 
Note: If you don't have direct access to the web server's filesystem, you will need to contact your web server administrator to have them ensure that the SFTP account in question has the necessary privileges to be able to Write to the directory (or directories) seen in the error(s).