Problems connecting via SFTP to Solarwinds Serv-U servers

When attempting to publish via SFTP to a Solarwinds Serv-U 15.3.2+ server, one or both of the following error messages may be seen in publish reports:

SFTP error: connection reset
SFTP error occurred during SFTP Shuttle initialization: Session.connect: End of IO Stream Read

The messages are the result of updates made in Serv-U 15.3.2 which ultimately prevent Cascade CMS from being able to establish an SFTP connection.

To correct this issue, we recommend following the steps outlined in Resolution 2 of the Solarwinds article here:

SFTP connection not established for legacy Java clients

In summary, resolution of the issue involves taking the following steps on the Serv-U server:

  • Apply the Serv-U 15.3.2 hotfix 1 
  • Enable non-RFC compliant connections using the new option: Allow non-RFC compliant SSH protocol version exchange