Why can't my user upload images in the WYSIWYG or file chooser?

If your users don't see the Upload tab when inserting images in the WYSIWYG or browsing for files in a file chooser, you may need to adjust some Site Role abilities. Users need these two Site Role abilities enabled in order to upload files via the file chooser:

  • Workflow: Bypass workflow*
  • Upload: Upload images in file chooser

You can check out a User's effective abilities for a Site by following these steps.

If you don't wish a User to be able to bypass workflow, they'll need to upload Files beforehand using an Asset Factory and browse for them in the file chooser.

*Note: The Bypass workflow ability is no longer required in order to be able to upload images in file choosers as of Cascade CMS v8.22; however, the Folder selected to upload into must not require Workflow.