Developing in Cascade

Developing in Cascade covers advanced topics of interest to web developers, including scripting, content migration, and web services development.


Formats are used to transform XML or API data into XHTML, XML, text, or other meaningful markup.

Internal Cascade API

The internal Cascade API exposes a set of operations to developers for code run within Cascade CMS in Formats, Publish Triggers, Asset Factory Plugins, and other types of plugins.


Available in 8.1.1 and later, Cascade CMS REST API is a lightweight API for interfacing with Cascade's Web Services.

SOAP Web Services

Web services provide Cascade CMS users with a powerful way to work with the system by providing a powerful back-end interface with which to interact.

Code Sections

Cascade CMS currently supports the use of two types of code sections in the system: Passthrough code sections and protect code sections.

Publish Triggers

Publish Triggers are plug-ins that can be utilized during the publishing process. They allow developers to execute custom logic each time an asset (page, file, or other content item) is published.

System Pseudo-Tags

System pseudo-tags are special system tags that instruct Cascade CMS to act on the content contained within them.