How can I tell who edited or published a page?

Audit trails provide a list of activities by users in Cascade CMS which can be handy when tracking down a particular event.

Viewing an asset's audit trail

While viewing an asset (such as a page or file) click More > Audits. You can filter the audit trail by timeframe or type of action.

If you need to restore a previous version of an asset, click More > Versions to view available versions.

What if I don't know where the asset is?

If an asset has been moved, renamed, or deleted, it may not be available for you to audit. If you can't locate the asset:

  1. First, check the site's Trash in case the asset was recycled.
  2. Note which groups have permission to edit assets in the missing asset's site or parent folder.
  3. Go to Administration > Groups and click one of those groups.
  4. While viewing the group, click More > Audits.
    • A group's audit trail provides a chronological list of activities by all members of that group.
    • You can filter the audit trail for Recycle or Move/Rename actions.