Cascade CMS 8.10

Cascade CMS 8.10 includes a number of features and enhancements centered around how dates are displayed throughout the application and improving the overall user experience when viewing the contents of containers. This release also includes an upgrade to Tomcat among other improvements and fixes.

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  • This release ships with the Tomcat 9.0.8 servlet container which contains improvements and security fixes to the previously shipped version of Tomcat. It also replaces Tomcat 8.0.x which reaches end of life on June 30, 2018.
  • Dates and times throughout the application are now formatted to show absolute times (e.g. Today 11:20 AM or Jun 1 3:29 PM) instead of relative times (e.g. 9 minutes ago or 2 years ago).
  • We've added information about who last modified a given asset when viewing the contents of a Folder or Container.

Issues Fixed

  • Exporting Sites will no longer retain file pointers after downloading completes.
  • Testing email preferences after initially loading the System Preferences form will now use the correct SMTP password.
  • Validation of URL fields throughout the application will now accept protocol-relative URLs (e.g. // . The validation will also allow space characters (e.g. space/index.html); however, we still recommend encoding those spaces as %20.
  • New database indexes prevent "lock request time out period exceeded" errors for SQL Server customers that were causing user facing performance issues when under load.
  • Addressed an issue where clients running Cascade CMS on Oracle occasionally ran into errors when importing a Velocity Format using the #import directive.
  • Content Type Publish Sets must belong to the same Site as the related Page being published to avoid invalid relationships and false successful publish notifications.
  • Rendering metrics caching is now thread safe to avoid synchronization errors when rendering multiple Pages, or the same Page, at the same time.
  • Search/replace will now correctly handle empty Structured Data values for Oracle clients.
  • Editing within the WYSIWYG source code editor is once again possible in IE11.
  • Addressed an issue where region assignments in Show Regions would fail to be populated when system region comments were removed in the document markup.
  • Editing a page via in-context editing will no longer remove the content tags associated with the page.
  • Date pickers will now show under fields to ensure they are not cut off by fixed modal headers.

Tomcat 9 Required

Cascade CMS 8.10 will not run in any other version of Tomcat except Tomcat 9. For this reason, use of the full installer during upgrade is required. ROOT.war upgrades are not supported.

First time installation?

Be sure to import our default database schema prior to installing Cascade CMS for the first time. Then follow our standard installation instructions.

Upgrade Steps

  1. Shut down your currently running Cascade CMS instance.
  2. Before you upgrade, we strongly recommend that you back-up your production database. as well as set up a test instance and perform a trial run of the upgrade. All customers are entitled to a test license for this purpose.
  3. Read the release notes and upgrade guides for all releases between your version and the latest version.
  4. Check the table below to see which installer type is required.

Which installer should I use?

With certain upgrade paths, a full installation of Cascade CMS is required in order to ensure that the application has the latest required libraries. See the table below for a summary of which installer you should use based on the version from which you are upgrading. For any versions that do not require a full installation, using the ROOT.war upgrade method is allowed.

Upgrading From Full Installation Required
7.x Yes
8.0.x Yes
8.1.x Yes
8.2.x Yes
8.3 Yes
8.4.x Yes
8.5 Yes
8.6.x Yes
8.7.x Yes
8.8.x Yes
8.9 Yes
8.9.1 Yes