Publish Sets


A Publish Set is a group of publishable assets that can be published on-demand, on a schedule, as a result of a workflow trigger, or optionally as a part of publishing a page with an associated Content Type. They may contain files, folders, and/or pages.

Creating a Publish Set

To create a Publish Set:

  1. Navigate to Manage Site > Publish Sets.
  2. Navigate to the container in which the new Publish Set will be stored, or create a new container using Add > Container.
  3. Click Add > Publish Set.
  4. In the Name field, enter the name for your Publish Set.
  5. In the Parent Container field, select a container for the Publish Set, if desired.
  6. Under Files, Folders, and/or Pages add assets to be included in the set.
  7. Optionally, enable Publish on a schedule under the Scheduled Publishing tab.
  8. Click Submit.