Design in Cascade

Design in Cascade discusses Cascade CMS components involved in the process of building public-facing HTML pages and other publishable content.


Configurations are collections of one or more outputs that are used to display page content.

Content Types

Content Types combine the look and feel of a page (Configurations) with the editable content fields of a page (Metadata Sets and Data Definitions) so that non-technical users can easily create and edit pages.

Data Definitions

A Data Definition is a collection of fields used in the creation and editing of page and block content.

Metadata Sets

Metadata is data within the CMS that describes an asset. A Metadata Set represents a curated collection of metadata fields used to describe content.


Templates are XHTML documents that provide the structure of page assets. Templates typically contain the HTML scaffolding and necessary scripts and CSS files to produce the desired "look and feel" of a page.