Where can I find publish notifications?

For publish jobs that you initiated

To locate publish notifications for assets that you have published:

  • Click your User profile picture or letter in the top-right corner of the screen.
  • In the dropdown menu that appears, select Notifications.

The subject line for a publish notification will look something like the following:

Publish of <asset> "<asset-name>" completed (# issue(s))

For scheduled publish jobs

Note:  The steps for viewing scheduled publish notifications require certain permissions and role abilities that your User account may or may not have. These include the ability to access the scheduled job(s) in question as well as the ability to assume User identities in the CMS. If you don't have these abilities, you will need to contact your CMS administrator to retrieve a publish notification for you or to grant you the appropriate abilities to do so.

To locate publish notifications for a scheduled job:

  • For Publish Sets or Destinations:
    • Navigate to the Publish Set or Destination in question.
    • Click Edit.
    • Click the Scheduled Publishing tab.
    • Scroll down to the Notifications section.
  • For Sites:
    • Switch into the Site in question.
    • Go to Manage Site > Site Settings.
    • Scroll down to the Publishing/Unpublishing > Notifications section (assuming that the Site is configured to Publish on a schedule).

The Notifications section in both of these areas contains the following two settings:

  • Send Report to - If Users and/or Groups have been selected to receive notifications for the publish job, you'll see those Users/Groups listed here.
  • Only send report when errors are present - If this option is selected, a publish notification will only be sent if errors are present during the publish job.

If your role abilities allow it, you can assume the identity of one of the Users listed here and then follow the steps at the top of this article to view the related publish notification(s) that they received.