Preserve Current User Trigger


This trigger acts as a solution for an issue that sometimes arises when you submit a workflow to a group instead of a user.

Typically, if you choose Assign to Me when receiving that group workflow step, the system will only temporarily give you ownership of the step. If you choose Edit, the system will return ownership of the asset back to the group; that will allow it to be picked up by another user in the group who would then be routed to the edit screen.

This trigger is used to keep the user who originally clicked Assign to Me in memory for the duration of the workflow. This way when a user makes changes and submits the asset back to the original user, who then reviews it, the asset will not go back to the group but to the user (who selected Assign to Me) for publishing.


                <trigger class="com.cms.workflow.function.PreserveCurrentUser" name="PreserveCurrentUser"/>


                <trigger name="PreserveCurrentUser"/>
For example, if you have a step assigned to a group and one of the options was to "Edit" as well as a separate option to "Approve", you would put the Preserve Current User Trigger as a trigger for both steps, assuming you want the user preserved instead of the group assignment.