Publish Parent Folder Trigger


The Publish Parent Folder Trigger publishes the parent folder of the asset in workflow.


            <trigger class="com.cms.workflow.function.PublishParentFolderTrigger" name="PublishParentFolder"/>


            <trigger name="PublishParentFolder"/> 


Destination Parameter


The Destination parameter is used to determine which destination the parent folder should publish to.  If more than one destination is required, these can be delimited by commas (",") within the same parameter.

At least one Destination parameter is required so this trigger knows where to publish the parent Folder to. If providing multiple Destinations using a comma-delimited list, do not add a space between the comma and subsequent Destinations unless the Destination's name leads with a space.

Please note that the path to the destination is case sensitive.

Authorizing-Type Parameter


The authorizing-type parameter is set when calling the trigger on an action. The authorizing-type parameter is used in any trigger that executes to a publish and is used to specify which user is "authorizing" the publish in this step. This will affect permissions/roles checks performed during publish and also to whom the publish report is delivered to. The "system" user is basically a way to bypass any permissions/roles checks but results in the publish report not being sent to anyone.

Authorizing-type can take the following values:

  • current-step-owner - the user assigned to the step that calls the trigger
  • system - the reserved "system" user
  • user - a specified user
Authorizing-User Parameter


This parameter is used if 'user' is selected as the value for the authorizing-type parameter. This parameter's value can be any valid user name.