Spectate Connector

Creating a Spectate Connector

To create a Spectate Connector:

  1. Obtain the API Key from your Spectate account by logging into Spectate, clicking the My Settings link, and copying the key.
  2. Navigate to Manage Site > Connectors.
  3. Navigate to the container in which the new Connector will be stored, or create a new container using Add > Container.
  4. Click Add > Connector.
  5. Select Spectate and then click Choose.
  6. In the Name field, enter the name for your Connector.
  7. In the Parent Container field, select a container for your Connector, if desired.
  8. In the Spectate API Key field, paste the key you copied from your Spectate account.
  9. Click Submit.

Verifying/Unverifying the Spectate Connector

To verify or unverify your Spectate connector:

  1. While viewing (but not editing) your Connector, click Verify. If unsuccessful, an appropriate error message will be displayed.
  2. Once verified, the Unverify link is available to deactivate the Connector.

Your Spectate Connector is now enabled. You can now select and insert your Spectate forms through the WYSIWYG when editing a page.