Webdam Integration (Labs)  


The Webdam digital asset management (DAM) integration allows users to browse for and select images and assets from your Webdam library directly from the WYSIWYG editor.

This integration is available for Cascade Cloud clients only.

Enabling Webdam Integration

First, enable Webdam integration for your system:

  1. Click the system menu button (  ) > Administration > Preferences > Integrations & Plugins.
  2. Under Digital Asset Management, enter your organization's Webdam Domain. Example: https://yourorganization.webdam.com

Next, enable Webdam integration for one or more sites:

  1. Choose a site from the Site menu, then select Manage Site > Site Settings.
  2. Under Digital Asset Management, select Enable Webdam Integration.
  3. Click Submit.

Selecting Assets from Webdam

To select assets from your Webdam library:

  1. In the WYSIWYG editor, click either the Insert/edit image or Insert/edit link button.
  2. Under Image/Link Type, select External.
  3. Under Image/Link Source, click the Browse Webdam for external images/files link.
  4. In the chooser panel, browse for an asset or search for assets using the search bar.
    • Optionally, sort assets by attributes such as date uploaded, date created, name, or size.
    • Hover over an image to view an expanded preview.
  5. Click an asset to select it. A checkmark will appear by your selected asset.
  6. Choose your asset dimensions using the menu in the bottom left and click Insert.
  7. Update fields such as the Image description field as needed and click OK to insert your image or link.