Cascade Administration

Learn how to administer Cascade CMS and keep it running at its best. Topics featured here include permissions, connectors, system settings, and more.

Administration Tools

These tools allow system administrators to send messages to active users, view log files, and configure logging (for troubleshooting purposes).


Cascade CMS can authenticate users natively, through an external LDAP server, or via custom authentication.

Connectors and Integrations

Connectors and integrations allow you to utilize third-party applications and tools within Cascade CMS.

Database Tools

These tools allow system administrators to optimize, repair, and export the CMS database.

Installation & Upgrades

This section provides information on installing and upgrading Cascade CMS for on-premise environments.


Permissions in Cascade CMS consist of roles, which govern a user's abilities and access to sites or the administration area, and access rights, which allow users to view or edit assets.


Sites are containers for organizing all content and administrative assets and properties for a website in Cascade CMS.

Administration Menus

The system menu is the focal point for administrator-oriented tasks in Cascade CMS. It's accessible by clicking the system menu button in the upper right-hand corner of the interface.


Audits allow administrators to see a summary of activities performed in Cascade CMS by a particular User, Group, or Role or on a particular asset.

System Dictionary

The system dictionary is a centrally-managed collection of words that is used when performing spelling content checks or when using the spellcheck feature in the WYSIWYG.

System Preferences

System preferences allow administrators to configure system-wide properties such as email, link checking, and content settings.